HER STORY: The victim of the Skype sex scandal talks to the ABC.
HER STORY: The victim of the Skype sex scandal talks to the ABC. ABC

Skype abuse victim alleges bullying at Amberley RAAF base

THE victim of the ADF's Skype sex scandal has claimed she was bullied about the incident after she was posted to serve at Amberley RAAF base.

Known as Kate, the then 18-year-old air force cadet claims she was targeted by male colleagues during her time at the base after she was secretly filmed having sex by fellow cadet Daniel McDonald at the Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra.

A second cadet, Dylan De Blaquiere, streamed the footage via internet phone service Skype to five other cadets watching in another room.

In an interview with the ABC, the woman revealed that RAAF colleagues at Amberley had forced her to stay in her room.

"I suffered victimisation and bastardisation, it seemed, from every angle in my life when it came to the defence force," she said.

"Everywhere I went, there seemed to be a new incident that would occur. It follows you everywhere you go.

"When I was living on base at Amberley I couldn't leave my room except to go to work because the boys in the room across from me thought it was fun to terrorise me and call me the Skype slut continually every time I left my room.

"So, it takes its toll. You get to the point where you just want it to stop, you want everything - you do question whether or not you made the right decision."

An Australian Defence Force spokesperson said the complaints made by Officer Cadet Kate had been investigated as a top priority.

"Defence has provided extensive support including logistics, medical, administrative and legal support to assist the member and will continue to do so," the QT was told.

McDonald and De Blaquiere were eventually found guilty of sending offensive material over the internet without consent and placed on 12-month good behaviour bonds.