THEY'RE OFF: Central Highlanders are gearing up for the annual Australia Day Springsure Billy Cart Dash.
THEY'RE OFF: Central Highlanders are gearing up for the annual Australia Day Springsure Billy Cart Dash. Kaitlyn Gutzke

Race along in billy carts

WHEELS are turning and racers of all ages are making their final cart tweaks as they prepare to take to the streets of Springsure.

Springsure Fire Service captain Pat Kooyman said they have even seen a few "oldies” take part.

"It's definitely for all ages,” he said.

"A person who turns up and participates (annually), I think he's 72 or 73. So any age can take part, from little young kids right up to the older adults.”

Organised by the Springsure Firies Social Club, the annual Springsure Billy Cart Dash is raced during the Australia Day festivities.

The event will bring a bit of friendly competition to town, with racers having to build their own carts from scratch and battle for the title of Billy Cart Dash Champion.

"All the different carts, they are all hand build. And the kids get involved in it, they give their parents a hand to build them,” Mr Kooyman said.

"There's excitement and also a lot of friendly competition - they do put a fair bit of time into building the carts. It's not every day of the week you're allowed to ride a billy cart on the main street.”

Mr Kooyman said the competition attracts visitors from all over the region to watch and take part.

"It is definitely a big community event. There could be 300 people down the main street at once,” he said.

"I know that doesn't sound like much but it's big for a little town like Springsure.”

Entrants must pay $10 for three competitive runs, with the fastest time recorded.

All competition proceeds will be donated to the Springsure Fire Service, which Mr Kooyman said would go towards "road crash rescue equipment”.

"It benefits us but so we can perform better and quicker rescues.”

Nominations are open from 8am, when racers can test run the carts, with the first race from 9am.

Prizes will up for grabs for junior and senior winners as well as the best dressed cart.

Those who aren't racing are also encouraged to turn up and watch the action.

"A lot of people come and watch and bring their camping chairs down and line the road,” he said.

Food and drinks will also be available throughout the day. For more information and entry conditions, visit