DRUGS, cash and several handguns have been seized after police busted an alleged criminal syndicate in the state's southeast.

Queensland and federal police officers raided eight properties yesterday morning in Brisbane, Logan and the Gold Coast and arrested 12 people.

The operation was established last September to target an alleged syndicate responsible for sourcing and distributing methamphetamine.

Detectives also allege the group of people were involving in creating and passing counterfeit currency.

Police have charged two men with trafficking in dangerous drugs with the circumstances of aggravation, while another two were charged with making counterfeit currency and possession of counterfeiting instrument.

Acting Detective Superintendent Stephen Blanchfield said the operation would continue to target people involved in the supply of drugs.

"We act throughout operations in efforts to disrupt these activities and we will pursue and prosecute offenders who choose crime as a business model," he said.

"If you are engaging in these types of activity, we will find and prosecute you."