Real reason ‘pathetic’ Poppy quit MAFS


Married At First Sight's Poppy has been caught out in a lie.

The mother-of-two quit the experiment in last night's episode and said it was because she missed her kids.

But viewers weren't convinced and accused Poppy of using her kids as an excuse. They claimed the real reason she left was because she wasn't attracted to her TV hubby, Luke.

And it appears they were correct.

Married At First Sight’s Luke Eglin with his bride Poppy Jennings. Picture: Channel 9
Married At First Sight’s Luke Eglin with his bride Poppy Jennings. Picture: Channel 9

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In an exit interview posted on the Married At First Sight Australia YouTube page after last night's episode, Poppy all but admitted she left because she didn't fancy Luke.

"I've said form the beginning that I'm not going to stick around for something that isn't going to be absolute true love," she said in the clip. "It would have been like flogging a dead horse."

Poppy added that she had "no regrets" and went on to blast the man she was matched with.

"He just annoyed the sh*t out of me constantly," Poppy said about Luke. "He was so overly positive. I was clearly struggling at times and he was so positive about it and that just made me want to throw him down a staircase."

After last night's episode MAFS viewers took to social media to express their anger that Poppy didn't have the guts to tell Luke to his face that she was leaving.

It was left to a producer instead to break the bad news.

"Poppy has decided to leave the experiment, so you will obviously leave the experiment too," a producer told Luke.

As he broke down in tears, Luke said, "I want a happy ending more than anything else. It's sh*t".

Here's how viewers reacted to Poppy's exit from the show.











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