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Rebel Wilson wants a more sociable 2016

REBEL Wilson's New Year's resolution is to be more sociable.

The 'Pitch Perfect' actress spent 2015 trying to find more "balance" in her life and thinks she is in the right frame of mind to end the year and start anew in 2016.

Asked her New Year's resolution, she said: "I always have a goal of trying to be more sociable. I'm trying to find more balance. And I think I did that in 2015. Ending things on a super positive reflective note pumps you up so you can crush the new year."

Though she enjoys socialising, the 35-year-old star always tries not to drink too much at glitzy events in Hollywood because she doesn't want to be "sloppy" and she's also had some outrageous requests made towards her.

She told Glamour magazine: "I've been to a lot of Hollywood parties, and there are people I've respected who will be really drunk and say the craziest things. People have offered, like, threesomes! Sloppy is not usually a good look."

The Australian star recently revealed she dreams of starring in a London stage show.

She said: "I'd love to do the West End, but you want to originate a role to really make an impact. I mean if I just came in and did 'Wicked' or something, it wouldn't be that exciting. So, I'm always looking.

"I'd love to write an original musical but it can take a long time. 'Hamilton', that's on Broadway right now, took six years and it's a work of genius, so it would probably take me like 20 years! But I should get started because it would be awesome."