MENTAL HEALTH: Paramedic, trauma counsellor and public speaker Paul Spinks.
MENTAL HEALTH: Paramedic, trauma counsellor and public speaker Paul Spinks.

Reset and rethink at motivational evening

PEOPLE of all ages and occupations are invited to an evening of food, drink, and motivational speaking this weekend.

The Central Highlands Regional Resources Use Planning Cooperative Limited’s ‘Rest and Rethink’ afternoon is dedicated to the promotion of physical and mental health.

CHRRUP executive officer Simone Parker said the occasion was initially meant to help farmers dealing with the difficulties of drought.

“The idea originally came from it being a really dry time last year,” she said.

“People were facing a long, dry time and there wasn’t a great forecast. At that stage the dam was low and everyone was starting to get worn down.”

She said that despite the recent rainfall, the need to constantly adapt to uncontrollable conditions made the work of graziers and irrigators mentally straining.

“Obviously since then it has rained and the dam has come up a fair bit, but I think those business stresses are constant.

“It’s for people who feel as if they’ve got no hope, and how we can intercept that feeling and look after ourselves.

“We’re pretty confident that the message will hit the mark.”

The event has been funded chiefly by the Local Buying Foundation, which secured paramedic and public speaker Paul Spinks.

Mr Spinks’s ‘Wake Up Call’ seminar promises to “deliver a reality check on your mental and physical wellbeing”.

After the talk there will be a barbecue, drinks, and activities for children.

The free R and R evening on Saturday, February 22 will be at St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School in Emerald, from 3pm to about 9pm.