Residents fear horses in paddock will starve to death

RESIDENTS fear for the wellbeing of a number of horses in a Gowrie Junction paddock if welfare agencies do not intervene.

A social media post regarding at least four horses, including a foal, created a storm of anger when Joelene Thorburn posted images of the horses in a sparse paddock.

Their ribs were clearly visible and the paddock had little to no grass in it.

Ms Thorburn told The Chronicle she first became aware of the horses in late December and reported it.

In her complaint lodged first with the RSPCA which was referred on to DAF, Ms Thorburn said she saw about 20 horses at the property in late December.

"Since photos I took of the horses went viral ... people have been assisting by supplying some feed but this will not solve the long term problem," she said.

Ms Thorburn took back three horses that were at the property, and photos taken of three horses and a foal at the weekend show the animals in poor conditions.

Hay remnants remained in the paddock when animal inspectors reviewed the horses.

Ms Thorburn fears it is a temporary fix and called on the RSPCA and Department of Agriculture and Fisheries to seize the animals.

Due to the number of horses involved, the RSPCA referred the matter to Biosecurity Queensland which sits under DAF.

A spokeswoman yesterday confirmed "a couple" of complaints had been received in relation to the horses, but was unable to specify how many.

"The department is investigating reports of an animal welfare situation," the spokeswoman said

However, because the matter is under investigation, the spokeswoman said no further comment was available.