Rider fined $1245 after going nearly triple speed limit


A Queensland cop has been left shocked after spotting a motorbike rider travelling at almost triple the speed limit in the Mackay region.

An officer from Mackay Road's Policing Unit recorded the motorbike rider allegedly travelling at 153km/h in a 60km zone on a road in Eimeo last Wednesday.

The male rider, 36, had a passenger on the bike when he was stopped by police.

The officer told him, "You were absolutely flying when you came over that hill. I have never in my time as a police officer seen a speed like that in a 60 zone."

Picture: Queensland Police via Twitter

The rider also had their bike immobilised for seven days. Picture: Queensland Police via Twitter


The rider was handed a penalty of $1245, and given eight demerit points.

He also had his motorbike immobilised for seven days, and his licence suspended for a six month period.