Michael Jackson has been sent to prison for ordering his dog to attack a police officer. The attack resulted in the dog puncturing the officer's upper leg.
Michael Jackson has been sent to prison for ordering his dog to attack a police officer. The attack resulted in the dog puncturing the officer's upper leg. Chris Ison ROK011211cteys3

Rocky's Michael Jackson sets dog on police

HE DESPISES police so much he ordered his dog to attack an officer to avoid being arrested and it took his daughter, a child, to get the dog off the policeman after it had punctured his leg.

Michael Anthony Jackson, 38, pleaded guilty to five charges in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court today including one of assaulting a police officer causing bodily harm.

Magistrate Cameron Press described the man's actions as deplorable.

"Society can not have police officers subjected to this type of behaviour," he said.

It all started with Jackson crossing a road in Gracemere on February 3. He alleged the Gracemere Hotel courtesy bus nearly hit him as he crossed the road, so he followed it back to the pub to have words with the driver.

Police prosecutor Clancy Fox told the court Jackson abused the driver out the front of the venue and moved on to abuse other hotel staff before leaving. For this he was charged with public nuisance.

Jackson was banned by the court from attending the Gracemere Hotel in November after assaulting a staff member in March 2016. His attendance on February 3 led to a charge of contravening that ban.

Police officers Constable Richard Adderly and Constable John Buckenham attended Jackson's house moments later and were told through the door by Jackson that he had to put his dog away.

Jackson came out of the house and the officers told him he was under arrest for the disturbance at the pub, which was in breach of a suspended prison term the court had ordered two days prior.

"He started to run from police," Mr Fox said.

"He called out to the dog from the front door... he told the animal to attack the police officers."

He said capsicum spray was deployed at the dog before it bit the upper leg of Const Adderly, puncturing and causing immediate pain.

"The defendant continued to call for the dog to attack," Mr Fox said.

He said after Jackson's daughter called the dog off the police officer, they attempted to restrain Jackson and hand cuff him, but he struggled against them.

This led to two charges of obstructing police officers.

Jackson's defence lawyer Charles Shepherd said Jackson's issues with police stem from a broken relationship with his father who was a police officer.

He said his client's violent behaviour had been fuelled by problems with alcohol which he has addressed while on bail by completing a six-week course with ATDOS.

Mr Shepherd said on top of this, Jackson struggled with depression, impulse control and epilepsy which have been linked to tumours in his brain which were first discovered in 2011.

He said the dog was not a formally trained assistance dog, but it did identify early onset symptoms of an epileptic seizure in his client.

Mr Shepherd said Jackson will be undergoing surgery to remove a tumour from his left frontal lobe after his incarceration for these offences.

He said Jackson and Const Adderly were known to each other and his client had since apologised to the police officer face-to-face.

The court heard Const Adderly had to attend hospital to treat the wound.

Mr Press activated the suspended sentence of four-months in prison, ordered Jackson to a 15-month prison sentence for the assault police charge and a further three-month prison term for the other offences - all to be served concurrently.

He set a parole eligibility date of October 13, 2017.