Two rogue goats are on the loose in Goodna.
Two rogue goats are on the loose in Goodna.

Rogue goats can't escape the law


TWO goats fought the law and nearly won after leading police on wild goat chase through the streets of Goodna yesterday.

The drama started in the morning when Ipswich City Councillor Paul Tully said he heard persistent knocking on his electorate office door.

It wasn't an irate resident, but rather two goats who had escaped from their home.

The goats then led police on a long chase through the suburb with Cr Tully and other residents joining in.

Cr Tully said the goats held up traffic in Queen St before disappearing down a side road.

With a gang of goat chasers hot on their heels, Cr Tully said it was akin to a wild west chase with onlookers joining in the hunt.

"The goats were eventually herded into a private yard and captured by Ipswich City Council pound officers," Cr Tully said.

Cr Tully said he did more exercise in those two hours than in any other time this past six months. The goats' owner was found and signed a release for them to be taken to the pound, where they will be auctioned.