OPTIMISTIC: Michael McPhee of Rosewood in front of his shed which was flattened. His house was unroofed.
OPTIMISTIC: Michael McPhee of Rosewood in front of his shed which was flattened. His house was unroofed. David Nielsen

Rosewood takes stock after tornado chaos

ROSEWOOD boys don't cry.

They take what Mother Nature throws at them in their stride, clean up and move on.

But boy, Mother Nature threw everything at them on Saturday night on Warrill View Rd, Hallam Rd and surrounds when a tornado ripped through a rural corridor and damaged 20 homes.

Sign writer Bob Stephenson was at home in the house he rents when the tornado arrived and tore off the roof, blew up the chimney and caused windows to explode outwards.

When the QT caught up with Mr Stephenson yesterday he was exhausted, but still working away in his shed which was also doubling as a makeshift bedroom.

He said it felt like the tornado sucked down into the chimney, the pressure built up and then exploded outwards with extraordinary force.

"It became stormy, so I locked the house up," he recalled

"The next minute there was a bang and the power went out.

"It seemed like it (the tornado) came down the chimney and then blew the windows straight out.

"I had to get out of the house and came into the shed. Thankfully it held up.

"The roof is gone. It peeled back.

"The roof started to go when I was inside...but I was in the shed when it finally went.

"My chimney is gone. The bricks are all over the place."

"I've never seen anything like it...only on TV in America."

Mr Stephenson has received a visit from Department of Communities and insurance assessors.

He has helped other storm victims clean up while juggling his own work commitments that he has been carrying out in his shed.

He has been sleeping in the shed but will soon be provided with new accommodation.

"Bremer Valley Realty have found me another place to move into in Thagoona," he said.

"I've been going to the neighbours for tea and to have a shower.

"I'm that exhausted. I'm not getting any sleep."

Near neighbour Michael McPhee's home looked like a bomb had hit it.

He said the insurance company had been out to assess the property and he was looking forward to rebuilding.

He was at Nambour Rodeo on Saturday night and arrived home about 9pm to find the road blocked off out the front with police, emergency services and Energex in attendance.

"It was midnight when we drove in and saw the shed was flattened, no roof on the house...and then it hit us," he said.

"We didn't get any sleep. We more or less kicked back in the lounge chair and waited until the sun came up

"We got out and had a decent look and thought, 'Yeah, this really has happened'.

"We had a stock crate that had gone...then I finally saw it 500m away in the neighbour's paddock."

Mr McPhee runs long horn steers and horses on his property and yesterday he said it appeared none had been lost

He's put the boundary fences back up and removed debris.

Emergency "donga" accommodation on site is being arranged and in the meantime he and his wife will stay with family in Ipswich.

Mr McPhee was holding up well yesterday with a remarkably positive attitude. He said he took the "long term view" and pointed to the green hills in the distance.

"It is looking good," he grinned.

Cr David Pahlke said dumps had been "thrown open" for all storm victims to deposit their green waste free of charge. He said those with fallen trees still on their homes can call the SES on 132 500.