ATTORNEY-General Nicola Roxon has hit YouTube to defend proposals to increase national security being considered by a parliamentary committee.

Ms Roxon launched the YouTube video on Tuesday morning, after first offering it to social media lobby group GetUp, which declined the offer to use the video.

The Attorney-General released a discussion paper earlier this year outlining various proposals to increase powers given to the nation's intelligence community, including expanded warrant powers and internet surveillance.

In the video, Ms Roxon says the government is considering both the need to enhance the intelligence community's powers as well as ensure protection of people's privacy.

"One of the many things in this review is whether or not that metadata should have to be held for a certain period, so it is there if it is needed," she said.

"Sometimes it is already held by telecommunications companies for two years and internet service providers, but sometimes it gets deleted.

"So that's the question we're asking. Should we make keeping this metadata a requirement, and if we do - how long should it be required for? Should it be six months? A year? Two?"