Rudd calls for leadership speculation to end

LABOR backbencher and former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has called for speculation on the Labor leadership to be put in cryogenic storage.

Mr Rudd spoke to Sky News yesterday, reaffirming his full support for Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

He said he was "pretty happy where I am", and that it was time the Labor leadership debate was put in "cryogenic storage".

His comments come after a week of heightened talk among Labor politicians during parliamentary sittings last week.

Mr Rudd said his job as a member of the Labor team was to get out on the ground and help as many new Labor candidates as he could in the lead up to the Federal election.

"I'll just continue doing my thing," he said.

Mr Rudd had cancelled a trip to Adelaide this week, after it had clashed with a planned visit to the South Australian capital by Ms Gillard.