Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

Rudd reiterates: he will not challenge Julia for leadership

FORMER prime minister Kevin Rudd has admitted he made mistakes during his time in the top job.

As politicians prepared to head to Canberra for the final two sitting weeks before the election, The Rudd roadshow rolled into the seat of McMahon on Friday with the popular Queensland MP campaigning for former Cabinet minister Chris Bowen, who resigned from the frontbench in March for his role in the Clayton's challenge to Julia Gillard's leadership.

Mr Rudd was again forced to deny he was making a final run at the leadership.

"My position of that matter has not changed and I propose to end that debate today," Mr Rudd said.

But despite Mr Rudd's repeated denials, a growing number of nervous Labor MPs means the leadership will dominate the final two sitting weeks of the 43rd Parliament.

Mr Rudd's comments about his time in The Lodge will be seen by some as a final pitch to wavering caucus members considering a leadership change before the September 14 poll.

"Everyone in national political life, whether it's me, whether it's Mr Howard, whether it's Paul Keating, Robert Menzies, you speak to any of these folks and you read their diary, their papers - they all readily say that there are days that we don't get it right," Mr Rudd said.

"It's just life. The whole notion of sticking politicians on a pedestal as if they are then going to become inflatable, for God's sake, life's just not like that, so all of us folks, and every government has made mistakes, including the one which I led as well."