Rumours but no clarity on what caused Airbus crash

AN AIRCRAFT engineer at Sharm el Sheikh airport in Egypt claims the Airbus A321 that crashed on Saturday killing all 224 people on board had a reputation for technical problems.

The plane had problems with leaking fuel, he said, adding he believed one of the plane's V2533 engines exploded, causing the crash.

The plane had a particularly bad crash when landing at Cairo Airport in 2001 but it was fully repaired.

"Very often, the airline was asking for Egyptian airline engineers to fix its frequent technical problems," the worker said.

Officials say the absence of a distress call from the plane's pilots and "uncharacteristic" sounds from inside the plane just before it plunged to the ground may indicate that whatever happened took place suddenly without warning.

An instant onboard cataclysm such as an explosion could explain the lack of a distress call.