PASSIONATE: Teacher aide and CQUniversity student Helen Anderson.
PASSIONATE: Teacher aide and CQUniversity student Helen Anderson.

Rural education scholarship for proud Clermont teacher

A CLERMONT teacher and student has been awarded a scholarship to help her pursue her passion for regional education.

Helen Anderson earned the Connellan Airways Trust Scholarship for her dedication and personal sacrifice during her work teaching Clermont's future leaders.

The single mother of three has been working as a teacher's aide at Clermont State High School while studying a Bachelor of Education at CQUniversity.

Ms Anderson said it had been difficult to juggle family and work commitments, as well as take care of financial responsibilities.

"It has been a blessing to me because, at this time, I am in my final year of my Bachelor of Education and I have to complete 15 weeks of unpaid placement," she said.

"The financial strain of this placement was a big stress for me leading into the year.

"The scholarship has reduced the stress of worrying about financially supporting my family as I focus on completing my degree to the best of my ability."

The scholarship, established in 1981, provides financial assistance to people in rural areas who are involved with education, communication, transport, or health services.

Ms Anderson has worked at the Clermont school for seven years. She said she had gradually developed a work-life balance that suited her.

"Over the years I have learned life is a fine balancing act and I can make time for everything I need to do," she said.

"I have learned not to stress the small stuff and accept help when it is offered. I believe I have taught my children to persevere and reach for their dreams, even though it takes a lot of hard work.

"I love working with students and watching them learn and grow into young adults.

She said she planned on living and working in regional Queensland for many years because it "has so much to offer".

"Close-knit communities, wonderful lifestyle, and friendly people. I can't think of a better place to live," Ms Anderson said.