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Scarlett Johansson wants to shed 'sexy' image

SCARLETT Johansson wants to shed her "sexy" image.

The 'Don Jon' actress wishes she wasn't revered for her femme fatale looks and is deliberately trying to take on roles that will change people's minds about her.

She said: "I think as I get older I can transition away from characters like that. It's alright for now, but I'm convinced that in a couple of years' time it'll be somebody else.

"But the characters I play aren't really traditionally sexy, it's probably a reaction to the fact that I'm curvy and confident about it. I think people are kind of a little out of touch with that."

The blonde bombshell insists she doesn't feel like an overly "sensual" person and doesn't understand why she constantly tops 'sexiest women' lists.

Scarlett, 28, told LOOK magazine: "I don't think of myself in that way - I'm only aware of it because people ask me questions like that, or when I'm shown a 'sexy list' of 'sexy people'.

"In normal life I don't think I'm any more aware of my femininity or sexuality than any other woman. I mean, I don't walk around feeling sensual."