Krew Boylan, left, and Jacinta Stapleton in a scene from the telemovie Schapelle. Supplied by Channel 9/WIN.
Krew Boylan, left, and Jacinta Stapleton in a scene from the telemovie Schapelle. Supplied by Channel 9/WIN. Paul Broben

Schapelle telemovie hits as Corby set to go free

THE timing of real-life events couldn't be more perfect for Channel 9's Schapelle Corby telemovie.

Titled simply Schapelle, the two-hour movie chronicles Corby's 2004 arrest at Bali Airport and her dramatic 2005 trial and conviction to 20 years in Kerobokan Prison.

With Schapelle's parole expected to be finalised within days, the Corby family is back in the media spotlight.

The telemovie, which will air on Sunday, is based on the book Sins of the Father: The Untold Story Behind Schapelle Corby's Ill-Fated Drug Run written by journalist Eamonn Duff.

Rising talent Jacinta Stapleton plays Schapelle's outspoken older sister Mercedes, who was living in Bali at the time of her sister's arrest.

"People are divided about the family themselves, and also about what happened," Stapleton told APN.

"Everyone's got their opinion. We're trying to make this thing as truthful as possible. It's one of those stories, and we want to tell it."

And it certainly doesn't have the blessing of the Corby family.

"We're trying to remain pretty objective about the whole thing," Stapleton said.

"She was definitely found guilty; we know that. But in terms of what really happened or whatever, it's going to be up to the public to decide what they believe."

Stapleton said she was in "awe" of her character Mercedes.

"Family is number one to her. I think that's an honourable trait," she said.

"I think she's smarter than what people perceive her to be. They're in an extraordinary situation, and that can call for manic or aggressive behaviour.

"You can watch these YouTube videos of her and she's going mental, but you would act in those ways if it happened to you I reckon."

The telemovie reveals how Schapelle's conviction also changed the course of her sister's life.

"Mercedes took it on herself to be the spokesperson for the family in a way," Stapleton said.

"Schapelle and she were very close. She changed her plans. She was supposed to come live in Australia and she changed that straight away (after Schapelle's arrest). She takes Schapelle her lunch and medication (in prison).

She has kind of given up her life."

Schapelle airs on Sunday at 8.30pm on Channel 9/WIN.