Search teams find missing miner at Mt Isa

SPECIALIST search teams at Mt Isa Mine have located the body of a man believed to be missing person Brett Kelly after more than 8000 tonnes of ore was removed.

Police said in the early hours of Tuesday morning,  Specialist Queensland Police forensic officers, Glencore Mount Isa Mines search teams and Safety and Health Mining Inspectorate officers located the body.

Mr Kelly, 34, was reported missing at Mount Isa Mine on June 18, 2014.

An extensive search of the mine site in the days following the initial report failed to locate the man and the search and rescue phase of the operation ceased on June 20.

As a result of the initial search and investigations, search teams believed the missing person had fallen into an ore pass.

Following very complex and comprehensive planning by all agencies and groups involved, a recovery operation was launched.

Recovery operations started on June 30 and continued until today.

The ore pass contained over 100,000 tonnes of ore and was located more than one kilometre underground.

Over 8,000 tonnes of ore was removed from the pass with specialist machinery. Search teams worked in shifts 24hrs a day for the entire period.

Investigations will continue and a report submitted to the coroner.