NEXT STOP: Jail will be the next address for a domestic violence offender if he does it again.
NEXT STOP: Jail will be the next address for a domestic violence offender if he does it again. Tim Howard

'Send the grub to jail' - domestic violence reaction

"SEND him to jail, the grub," was the public gallery comment in Gympie Magistrates Court, when a young Esk man pleaded guilty to a knife-wielding Domestic Violence breach.

The man pleaded guilty to threatening to kill a Gympie mother and kidnap one of her children on January 12.

Magistrate Ross Woodford was more formal in his language on Monday, backing police claims that "this was exactly why this law was introduced".

Mr Woodford imposed four months jail suspended for 18 months and extended the DV Order, which was to expire next year, for five years.

"The Act is in place to protect women and children, in particular, from people like you," Mr Woodford said.

The court was told the man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had breached a DV order taken out early last year.

Police told the court the man had become agitated after arguing with the woman's mother.

"He said he was going to kill (his former partner).

"He then grabbed the knife and threatened to use it on himself, holding it to his own throat.

"The woman told police the man did not drink often, but when he does he threatens to kill her," the prosecutor said.

The man then also threatened to take one of the woman's two other children, who were not his offspring.

Seeking an extension of the existing order, due to expire next year, police also asked for a no contact condition.

"The nature of the threat shows further protection is needed," the officer said.

Defence solicitor Chris Anderson said the man had stopped drinking and was trying to change.

"There are ongoing arguments with the aggrieved's mother," he said.

Mr Woodford said he took account of "the seriousness of the incident," which involved assault and threats.

"You went into a bedroom where the children were and threatened to take them - seven and five-year-old children.

"How do you think this affected them. Terribly.

"Come before me again and you will be jailed."