WORK IT OUT: CrossFit Vivid coaches Gayle Kruger and Hez Treanor.
WORK IT OUT: CrossFit Vivid coaches Gayle Kruger and Hez Treanor. Jessica Dorey

Seniors encouraged to hit the gym at CrossFit

PASSIONATE Emerald CrossFit Vivid coaches are encouraging seniors to get moving, with new seniors' groups to launch in coming weeks.

The gym is eager to shed stereotypes and prove CrossFit is something in which people of all ages and fitness levels can get involved.

Coach Gayle Kruger said the groups for over-50s will help participants with everyday movements and overall health.

"It's not just about doing exercise, it's about nutrition, it's functional movement,” she said.

"As we get older we can become less mobile, not being able to bend down and pick things up - that's what CrossFit training is all about, those everyday movements.

"The definition of CrossFit is constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity. However everything is scaled - for example, you would start any of your lifting movements with a PVC pipe.

"In the seniors' group, we would run the same workouts we do for our general population group but they would be scaled back to suit the appropriate fitness level.”

Launching in Seniors Week, CrossFit Vivid will hold two senior classes a week. Times for the classes are yet to be finalised but coach Hez Treanor encouraged anyone interested to visit the gym to chat and have a look around.

"CrossFit encapsulates community, it was designed to help give people better quality of life through movement and health,” he said.

"We are happy to work with their doctors and physios.”

Seniors Week runs from August 19-27. For more information and to keep up to date with times visit the CrossFit Vivid Facebook page.