The Russell St sex shop.
The Russell St sex shop.

A sex shop in Russell St ... not good, just saying

JOHNO'S SAY: I've written many times about my love for Russell Street, its history and the beautiful old buildings that abound.

I've written about the flood catastrophe of 10 January 2011 and the courage of the traders and residents in the area through adversity.

I was honoured to be asked by council to be chairman of the Outer Circulating Road (OCR) stakeholder reference group bringing together traders, council staff and contractors to try and find ways around the construction turmoil, particularly as it related to the Russell and Victoria Streets intersection.


I got excited when new businesses started out and old ones were refurbished. Businesses like Lifeline, the National Hotel, Artisan Pizza and Sandwich, Inbound Toowoomba, galleries and more.

I was delighted to attend the official opening of the OCR Victoria Stt extension. What an historic day it was.

I've imagined that Russell Street would make a fine "Eat Street" perhaps one to rival Park Road, Lygon Street, Racecourse Road, Oxford Street and one-thousand others.

Indeed rumours abound about new restaurants opening up in Russell Street. Bring it on I say.

But wait, something horrible has happened that could ruin all those plans, a sex shop has pulled up its roots from Ruthven Street and plonked itself right beside the National Hotel. Good grief!


Now I know this beautiful building was flooded and has been vacant for years. I've met the owner and I can understand, from an economic point of view, having a tenant in there must be a relief.

I probably know the agent who did the deal, he/she is possibly a friend.

So forgive me owner and agent when I say to you, I don't like that business being there!

Take it somewhere else please, maybe to an industrial estate.

Give us back our beautiful street and restore its destiny as a landmark restaurant and café strip.

What do you think should happen with the Russell St sex shop?

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