Shane Warne played up being sprung kissing Liz Hurley in an advertisement for Marshall batteries with an actress baring an uncanny resemblance to his then love.
Shane Warne played up being sprung kissing Liz Hurley in an advertisement for Marshall batteries with an actress baring an uncanny resemblance to his then love.

Ex wife slams Warne for Hurley tryst

SHANE Warne's jilted ex-wife has branded Elizabeth Hurley selfish and immature for tearing her family apart by sneaking off with the Aussie cricket ace.

In a stinging interview, Simone Callahan says she was blindsided by the star's romance, exposed when the pair were photographed snogging ­outside a posh London hotel.

Simone, 48, spoke out after the release of Shane's tell-all autobiography this week, in which he declares: "I can honestly say that the time I had with Elizabeth were the happiest years of my life."

The hurt mum revealed she was at home in Melbourne caring for their three children when she saw pictures of the pair online.

"I only knew Liz Hurley as the funny English actress from the Austin Powers movie until I saw Shane kissing her. I had no idea he was with her in London," Callahan told The Sun.

"I remember getting up in the morning, turning on the computer and seeing those photos.

"I was shocked and embarrassed for the children because it was so public and this was just before the holidays. It ruined our Christmas.

"Shane is a little kid, like Peter Pan, and he doesn't think about how his actions will impact other people.

"You would think that a mother like Liz Hurley would be more mature and respectful of my kids, but she wasn't.

"I don't believe in hatred and ­bitterness but I do believe karma will make things right in the end."


Simone decided to set the record straight after her ex, 49, spoke of his undying love for 53-year-old Liz in his new book No Spin.

"I was more in love with her than I'd ever realised I could be," Warne writes. "The more I thought about it, the more I understood that my relationship with Simone was based on a wonderful and close friendship between two newly-married 24 year olds. With Elizabeth it was what I had been searching for."

While he talks about their romance as the most blissful time of his life, for Simone the romance caused months of misery and heartbreak.

And the upset was compounded when the ladies' man invited Liz - mum to son Damian, now 16 - to stay at a beachside house he and Simone had spent months renovating to be their new family home.

And she says the actress never once apologised.

Simone reveals she and Shane had agreed to end their 15-year relationship just days before he was snapped kissing Liz at the end of 2010.

She is still unclear if the romance began before they had separated.

Speaking from her home in Melbourne, Simone said: "I know we were still together when Shane first met Liz because he called me from London that summer and told me he had spoken to her at the Goodwood races.

"I thought it was funny because we had watched her in the Austin Powers movie with the children and we all thought it was hilarious.

"Also, I've known Shane for years and she is this big movie star, so it was odd to think that he was hanging out with her.

"I remember him saying, 'I've met this girl and she is really beautiful'."

Shane insists nothing had happened at that point but Simone says: "I don't know if he is telling the truth because I had lost trust in him by that point. Also, I was on the other side of the world."

Simone and Shane Warne attend the Border Medal night in 2001.
Simone and Shane Warne attend the Border Medal night in 2001.

Simone was working as a promotions girl for Aussie lager Fosters when she met Shane at a celebrity event in Melbourne in 1992.

Back then, he was about to play his first Test match for his country and was on the cusp of becoming one of the greatest spin bowlers in history.

The pair tied the knot in 1995 and had their first child two years later. But the long periods Shane spent abroad playing cricket - and his numerous affairs - eventually put an unbearable strain on their marriage.

"I was not a jealous person back then so it was a big shock when I found out that Shane was cheating," Callahn said. "He told me he was sorry that he had been stupid, but the damage was already done."

The couple divorced in 2005, by which time they had three kids - daughters Brooke, now 21, Summer, 16, and 19-year-old son Jackson.

But they kept in touch for the kids' sake and slowly grew closer, reigniting an on-off relationship before officially becoming a couple again in 2009.

"We really wanted to make it work and we had some happy times. But in the end we had grown too far apart and I still had trust issues because of all the times Shane had cheated," Callahan said.

"We decided to separate but we also agreed we would not tell the children until after the holidays.

"That is why it was so upsetting when the photos came out. I don't know what he and Liz were thinking.

"I guess they were just caught up in themselves and the fun they were having without thinking about anyone else. They were selfish.

"The kids were hurt and upset. They were looking forward to their dad coming home and spending Christmas as a family.

"Brooke, who was 13, phoned her dad and it was a difficult conversation - there might have been a few tears. Shane tried to call me as well but I refused to speak to him."

Simone with daughter Brooke and Shane in the background.
Simone with daughter Brooke and Shane in the background.

Simone's pain was compounded when, the following year in 2011, news leaked that Shane and Liz had got engaged - before he had the chance to tell his children.

He writes in his new book of the kids' reaction: "They weren't happy."

Events took another strange turn in 2012 when Liz turned up unannounced at an Aussie Rules football ground in Melbourne where Shane's son Jackson was playing a game.

"It was weird. I was sitting there with my girlfriends when she arrived with Shane," she said.

"They were already engaged by then and she ended up sitting next to me in the stands.

"She was polite and friendly and spoke with a strong English accent, just like in the movies. We made small talk about normal things. She did not apologise for what happened. She never has."

Shane and Liz split up in 2013, and in his book he blames the time they spent apart in their jobs.

But Simone doubts the relationship is over for good. "I think him and Liz have a lot in common as they both like the limelight, so I wouldn't be surprised if they got back together," she said.

Simone is now a yoga instructor whose inspiring regime has won her a huge Instagram following. "I took up yoga after I separated from Shane and it's been a big help," she said.

The mum added: "There was a time when I thought I would spend the rest of my life with Shane.

"Shane is a good dad and he sees the kids all the time. But I'm in a good place and have no interest in being with him again."

This article was originally published by The Sun and reproduced with permission.