Australia could head to the polls for a July election

BARNABY Joyce and Christopher Pyne are fuelling speculation Australia could head to the polls in July.

Both the Deputy Prime Minister and the leader of the House of Representatives yesterday pointed to the possibility of an early election as independent Senator Glenn Lazarus - fresh from dining with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Thursday evening - added fuel to the early poll fire yesterday.

"I think it's certainly very possible," Mr Lazarus told the ABC.

Mr Joyce said the election could happen in four months (July) but "that doesn't mean it is probable".

"It's possible because it is possible," he told reporters in Sydney.

Mr Pyne - who is considered Mr Turnbull's top parliamentary tactician - said July was as "good a time as any".

"The election is due in August-September, so an election in July would not be regarded by the public as an early election," Mr Pyne told the Nine network.

"So it's as good a time as any, but I don't think that there is any plan to have an election in July."