WHEN John Wallis installed cameras to the front and back of his car it was for his own protection, but over the past year he has filmed an astonishing number of dangerous incidents.

Last week, while driving to Bundaberg, Mr Wallis saw at least six vehicles passing over double lines while speeding.

"It seems they just have to be in front of you… and then you see them pulled up at the next service station," he said.

Mr Wallis puts most of the bad driving he sees down to impatience and said defensive driving courses should be compulsory.

"Most of the kids who come from properties can drive. They've had experience," he said.

"P-platers are the worst.

"Most people don't become good drivers until they've had a big fright and the fear of God put into them.

"Once they've had that, they become more aware of what can happen."