Simple methods best for bites

BUZZING and biting. There is nothing worse than those nasty little bugs flying around your face at night.

There are ways to keep those hovering little mozzies and sandflies at bay.

Chemist Warehouse Pharmacist manager Logan Wong said there are many preventive ways to dodge the mozzies this summer.

"There are a few old wives tales. One of them is B1 is supposed to deter them (mosquitos); the thing is I am a bit sceptical," he said.

"Try mosquito nets, long-sleeved clothes and insect repellent.

"These things work a lot better."

Another preventive measure is to clear all lying water as it is a breeding ground for mosquitos.

"Tip out any stale water around the house, it's the perfect environment for mozzies," Mr Wong said.

If a person gets a reaction such as swelling, itching and raised bites he recommends an anti-histamine.

"In terms of non oral medication you can get anaesthetic spray that will stop the itch," he said.

"If it gets out of control then go to a pharmacist."

Mr Wong recommendsanti-histamine for those who have reactions but he suggests not operating any machinery as they do cause drowsiness.


Preventing itchy bites

  • Wear long-sleeved shirts
  • Use insect repellent and reapply every 45 minutes or as needed.
  • Put a mosquito net above your bed
  • Outdoor bug zappers
  • Insect repellent coils
  • Dispose of stale water lying outdoors. This is a breeding ground for mosquitos
  • Citronella candles