Six years later, Rattler returns to Valley

THE Mary Valley Rattler has returned, making the first steam-powered trek to Amamoor in almost six years.

The journeys are the next step in final preparations for relaunching the train, according to Mary Valley Rattler general manager Lisa Raklander.

"There was lots of excitement on both Saturday and Sunday at Gympie, Dagun and Amamoor stations, as well as along the route, but this was also an important stage for us in terms of our driver and safety training," she said.

"We are now closer than ever to the Mary Valley Rattler tours resuming, which will be an important tourism boon for the region, with the tours previously attracting more than 33,000 guests a year."

Ms Raklander said driver and safety training would now continue for the next few weeks.

"We continue to urge caution around the tracks and encourage parents to use the opportunity to teach children about rail safety, as for some this is the first time they have seen trains on the Mary Valley line.

"We will be ready to make an announcement about when we will launch soon."

Driver training is being done as needed, and while no schedule is set in stone, residents can expect to observe the heritage train chugging into the valley several times in the coming weeks.

The Mary Valley Rattler is a historic rail experience operating a fleet of locomotives and carriages, each with their own unique story.

With stations in Gympie, Amamoor and Dagun, Mary Valley Rattler passengers can rediscover the magic of a bygone era with a rail journey through one of the most beautiful parts of Queensland.

Dotted with quaint country towns, the scenic Mary Valley is home to descendants of the original pioneers of the area and is an ideal place to experience the friendly laidback atmosphere of rural living at its best.