A SOMBRE looking Peter Slipper with the biggest bow tie you've ever seen has led his weekly procession of pomp and ceremony into Parliament House today.

But if Mr Slipper was hoping for a huge crowd for his grand parade, he would have been disappointed.

News.com.au reported "it looked more like a small group of people looking for directions to a fancy dress party rather than an escort for Parliament's supreme figure of authority''.

There were three people - an attendant, the Sergeant at Arms carrying the Mace, and Mr Slipper, walking erect in 18th century gown and neck-wear.

Security was tight  and spectators were ordered off the marble floor of Members' Hall - even off the very edges of it.

Mr Slipper, who been the subject of national ridicule over the parade, defended it, telling the Daily it was not about bringing attention to himself but bringing more respect and visibility to Parliament.

But those attending were reported to be underwhelmed with one quipping "is that it?''