ACTING UP: The Miriam Vale Hotel's $5000 pool table was destroyed by three unruly patrons on Saturday night.
ACTING UP: The Miriam Vale Hotel's $5000 pool table was destroyed by three unruly patrons on Saturday night. Facebook

Small town pub’s $5000 pool table destroyed by thugs

THREE unruly patrons wrecked a $5000 pool table at the usually laid-back and quiet Miriam Vale Hotel.

New publican Mitch Brennan and local police said it was out of the ordinary and unexpected.

At the time, there was only two other patrons at the hotel, who were out-of-towners, and both disgusted in the behaviour too.

"We just had three guys turn up on Saturday night at about 9pm.

"Everything was fine and they had a few drinks," he said.

"All of a sudden I heard a loud thud and the pool table was upside down."

Mr Brennan asked the three men to leave, but he was ignored.

Then one of the three men threatened to assault another patron who was sitting at the bar.

"They weren't interested in (leaving the hotel) so I threw them out," he said.

The Miriam Vale Police and some locals helped track down the men on Sunday.

They have been banned from the hotel indefinitely.

"They won't be back as long as we're here," he said.

Mr Brennan moved to Miriam Vale from Gympie in January and has been the publican since Easter.

"It's been fantastic, up until Saturday we haven't had one drama since we started," he said.

The behaviour surprised the local police officers who rarely make alcohol-related charges in the township.

Miriam Vale Police Station acting officer in charge Jason Pepperdene said the hotel usual had a "great family friendly atmosphere".

"We saw the damage to the table and it was pretty extensive," he said.

Sgnt Pepperdene met with the three offenders at the hotel on Sunday morning to give them a "stern talking to".

"They said they didn't recall what happened that night and they were willing to face the consequences," he said.

The Miriam Vale Hotel is the town's only pub.

"That behaviour isn't accepted in this town," he said.

"We don't tolerate anti-social behaviour because it's not good for the community.

"On a usual Saturday night you'd have a lot of families there for dinner, obviously our choices are limited, and you'll have mates getting together for a few beers," he said.

"It's a special hotel that the community is grateful for and we all respect it."

Sgt Pepperdene said all three men were fined $706.

Mr Brennan is hoping to have the pool table replaced soon.