BURNING RUBBER: Will Gray lights it up for the Childs Tyres Etown Burnouts.
BURNING RUBBER: Will Gray lights it up for the Childs Tyres Etown Burnouts. Terry Hill

Smell of rubber enthralls

THE smell of burning rubber made the crowds happy at this year's Childs Tyres Burnouts in ETown.

More than 600 people came through the gates to watch entrants from as far afield as Mackay rev their engines at the annual event.

The crowd went wild when the big man, known as Horse, took his truck onto the pad for the most popular burnout of the day.

Horse was the crowd favourite with his Chevy-powered V8 Hilux and, although it's not a competition, he took home a new set of coloured smoke tyres.

Emerald Motorsport Association Inc president Rob Moore said the roar of the crowd made it easy to pick the burnout champ.

"He used the whole pad and made a lot of smoke and the crowd loved it,” said Mr Moore.

Mykel English was given an encouragement award for his V6 Rodeo while Kev Sampson's Spanish Red Monaro also got People's Choice.

Car enthusiasts also displayed their prized hot rods, muscle cars and US cars in the popular 'Show and Shine'.

Mr Moore said there was a growing culture for cars among young people which events like these helped to cater to in a safe and legal environment.

"We do other types of motorsport but this one seems to get the most attention,” said Mr Moore.

"We don't have anything else like this in Central Queensland.”

Participant Jason Wright attended for the third year and showed off his skills with a Ford Falcon XR8 AU, burning through five sets of tyres.

"It's a really good day with a great atmosphere. Because it's not a competition people can come along and give it a go,” he said.

"There's no time limits and because you're not competing for a prize you can just hang out and have a good time.”

Mr Moore said the association was keen on creating more social events so people could take part in the popular pastime more than once a year.

"We are trying to encourage young people to keep it off the street,” said Mr Moore. "Instead of having their car taken off them and fined by the police they can take part in a safe and controlled environment where someone can help put a fire out or change a tyre.

"We want them to be on the side of the law instead of breaking the law.”