A PLAYFUL smile from Finn Smith was all his mum and dad needed after his final amputation surgery.

The 14-month-old had his right foot amputated on Sunday at Royal Brisbane Hospital, in what his parents, Sarah and Jason, hope is his last major operation.

Since being diagnosed with meningococcal more than a month ago, little Finn has had his right hand removed, his left leg below the knee and parts of his left hand.

"They were able to just take the foot on the right and keep the growth plate," Mrs Smith said. "That was a really good outcome."

But Finn's surgery wasn't without its complications.

"They got the amputation done, but he had a little bit of trouble with his breathing," Mrs Smith said.

"They ... were worried there would have been a clot to the lungs.

"But he's doing well now, had a nice little sleep and we've got more smiles and he's playful again today (yesterday)."

Finn will continue going to theatre for dressing changes and to make sure his amputation wounds are healing.

"Hopefully he'll be crawling in the next few weeks," Mrs Smith said.

"That will take some time to get back to, it's part of the rehabilitation, but he's doing amazing."