Gympie's Jason Newell goes down in the ring.
Gympie's Jason Newell goes down in the ring. Contributed

Snail's revenge hard to swallow for Beauty and the Geek star

GYMPIE geek Jason Newell proved to be a not-so-formidable warrior in the wrestling ring in the fourth episode of Channel 7's Beauty and the Geek on Thursday night, though he did sneak in a cheeky bitch slap on his 170kg, gorilla-like opponent.

It was like watching Mr Burns flail into Homer Simpson with arms unleashing all the fury of a piece of string.

While the ad breaks often proved more exciting than the action on screen, it was hard to look away when Jason cavorted his way to the wrestling ring dressed as his alter ego Tiny Dancer.

He went down like a tonne of bricks but his 23-year-old beauty Kristy was in a world of hurt trying to keep things down in her challenge.

The girls had to display proper etiquette while eating a vomit-inducing range of delicacies like snails and fish eggs under the watchful eye of etiquette queen June Dally-Watkins.

It was hard not to gag in sympathy with Kristy as she chewed and swallowed a snail, only to have the critter come back up again, forcing her to clamp her lips shut, chew and swallow, and chew and swallow, again and again.

Eventually she kept it down, at which point she placed her hands in her lap and exclaimed, "Delicious".

The pair, together with Jess and Hervey Bay millionaire Nathan, then faced eviction;. Jason and Kristy survived to film another episode.