ALMOST: Eric Cech came very close to beating a Guinness World Record.
ALMOST: Eric Cech came very close to beating a Guinness World Record. Trinette Stevens

So close! Eric's world record attempt

TWO balls.

That was all that stood between former CQUniversity student Eric Cech and Guinness World Record fame.

The 25-year-old education and exercise science graduate was shooting for stardom on Saturday, in a bid to beat the world record for the most half-court basketball shots made in one minute.

The current record stands at 10, and on Saturday Eric reached nine.

"I was unsuccessful but I am still really happy with how I went," he said.

"I started the application in February of 2015... it has been in the works for a good year, year and a half, but I have been taking it really seriously.

"I had eight shots in with 22 seconds to go. I managed to get a ninth in and I had two balls to shoot in the last three seconds... if one went in I was a tie and if two went in I was a winner, but it's alright.

"I still think I am good enough to get it. I came so close.

"I am really happy to walk away from that today knowing that I gave it a go. I didn't waste anyone's time today, so I am happy with how I went."

Eric said it was fantastic to be back at CQUniversity's Rockhampton campus, and was thankful for their support.

"A big thank you to CQUniversity for sponsoring me and allowing me to have all this court time," he said.

"They have been very supportive of me."