Sneaky speed fine 'loophole' no longer works

SPEEDSTERS hoping to beat their speeding fine in the Queensland Courts be warned - the State Government has clamped down on a loophole in its legislation.

The Sunshine Coast's Scott Cooper, of Speeding Fine Consultants, was saving many people money and points last year when he discovered the loophole with the new high-tech TruCAM devices.

He was selling his advice on how to beat the fine in the courts.

However, one Coolum resident discovered his methodology was no longer foolproof when her $220 fine ended up costing her about $650.

The resident, who asked to remain anonymous, was frustrated that after paying Mr Cooper the $250 for his professional expertise on how to beat the fine, she discovered he was no longer winning all the cases.

She elected to plead guilty to the speeding fine, which then cost her $220 for the fine, plus another approximately $200 for courts cost and then the $250 already paid to Mr Cooper.


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Mr Cooper admitted it was not as easy to win all cases in the court, but was frustrated she was complaining when she had not even given it a fair go.

He said after he received extensive media publicity for his successes last year with TruCAM devices "police didn't like what was happening".

"They went back to the drawing board and changed the software," he said.

"In March or April they started presenting different photos to what we were used to."

Acting Police Minister Andrew Powell confirmed police had clamped down on the loophole.

"Drivers who put the lives of other motorists at risk by speeding need to be aware that they will be caught and will be prosecuted," he said.

"In February we made legislative changes to ensure the integrity of speed-detection devices are upheld."