Justin Bieber is
Justin Bieber is "not done yet" according to his manager, Scooter Braun. Bang Showbiz

Sorry non-Beliebers, Justin Bieber 'not done yet'

JUSTIN Bieber is "not done yet" according to his manager.

The 'Never Say Never' singer claimed earlier this week that when his new album 'Journals' is released on Monday (23.12.13), he is "retiring", but his manager, Scooter Braun, thinks otherwise.

Speaking at the premiere of Justin's second documentary film, 'Believe', in Los Angeles last night (18.12.13) he told MTV: "It's a work in progress; I'm not done yet. He's not done yet and I expect him to make great decisions and then make mistakes; that's being human. And I think our job is to continue to care and be there for him and let him be there for all these kids."

Scooter added fans will see Justin at his rawest in the new movie, to the shocked and surprise of fans.

He added: "He's more vulnerable in this movie than any interview he's ever done, to the point where he breaks down at one point. And I think the humanity of it is what's going to be so shocking."

Justin, 19, is mentored by Usher - himself a former child star - who says through the film, fans will get to see what the young star is really like and what he's going through growing up in the spotlight.

He said: "With success comes great responsibility. And being able to grow up in it and unfortunately be analysed in front of the world for just growing up, I think they will be able to see the truth. And they can make an assessment based off of what his reality looks like."