Shocking RSPCA statistics reveal an animal is abused every two days in southwest Queensland.
Shocking RSPCA statistics reveal an animal is abused every two days in southwest Queensland.

Southwest named and shamed in RSPCA animal cruelty stats

SHOCKING statistics reveal there's an animal cruelty complaint every two days in southwest Queensland.

Throughout 2019 there were 170 complaints relating to cruelty of animals and neglect reported to the RSPCA, a concerning number according to RSPCA Queensland spokesman Michael Beatty

The area with the highest number of complaints was Dalby with 72, followed by Chinchilla with 42 complaints and Roma with 17 complaints.

Complaints centred around animals receiving insufficient food and water, poor living conditions, being tethered and not receiving exercise, abandonment, injuries not being treated and animals looking in poor condition.


RSPCA Queensland received around 800 more complaints in 2019 than in 2018. 18,692 complaints were registered in 2019 compared to 17,862 in 2018.

"Obviously it's not good news", Mr Beatty said.

"You want the numbers to be decreasing not rising.

"Our inspectors are already operating under an enormous workload."

Most regional animal cruelty cases were heat related - "Dogs are tethered then tangle themselves in outside furniture or bushes and cannot reach the shade… but this shouldn't be happening, there's no excuse" Beatty said.

Dealing with these crimes in rural towns can be harder to manage and RSPCA would "love to expand into the southwest but as a charity, we don't have the funds for that to happen."

"We operate raids in these areas and "one inspector based in Maryborough is travelling over 1500 kms a week - add that to the other inspectors, their wages, fuel and everything else… it's not an option in the foreseeable future".

"In areas where we don't have an ambulance, we contact the nearest group that can assist" Beatty said.

"That can be the police, DAFF officers, or in the case of wildlife, a wildlife rescue group or carer."

"People are more aware of animal cruelty, even compared to 5 years ago… more people speak out about it". The RSPCA urge communities to call the 1300 ANIMAL number if they notice any animals being treated cruel or neglected.