Anti 5G protest at the communications tower in Daley St in Mullumbimby.
Anti 5G protest at the communications tower in Daley St in Mullumbimby. Susanna Freymark

Spat on by anti-5G protester while delivering mail

THE man who spat on 20 year old Kevin* while he was simply doing his job as a private contractor for Australia Post, hasn't been caught. Yet.

Police are looking for the 5G protester who "got lippy" and then spat on Kevin's boots, thinking he was a Telstra worker updating the town's communication tower to 5G.

Wednesday, April 22 saw a tense standoff between police and more than 100 anti-5G protesters next to the Mullumbimby Post Office.

Kevin drives from Casino, an hour away, and starts work at 5.15am to pick up mail from Australia Post in Mullumbimby, he doesn't expect to be spat on while doing his job.

"The protesters parked me in," Kevin said.

"I was picking up mail from the back of the post office and when I got back at 2pm, I couldn't move the truck."

Kevin told them he was part of Australia Post and had nothing to do with Telstra.

That didn't stop one man from verbally abusing Kevin, and then returning to spit on his boots.

Kevin called the police who are trying to locate the man.

"They are still there," Kevin said of the protesters he sees every morning at 5am.

Last week the protesters were told to move on for not adhering to social distancing rules and Telstra has since temporarily stopped work on upgrading the tower to 5G.

Spitting on someone without consent is an offence because it is classified as a 'battery' which means unauthorised touching of another person and at the very least incurs a fine.

"I hope they catch the guy," Kevin said.

*not his real name