Cotton Seed Distributors' Stewart Brotherton.
Cotton Seed Distributors' Stewart Brotherton. Contributed

Spearheading industry

AGRONOMIST Stewart Brotherton has been appointed in a new role that aims to continue research and development of the cotton industry in the Central Highlands.

Emerald-based Brotherton has been appointed an extension and development agronomist with Cotton Seed Distributors (CSD) to work with local producers and members of the cotton industry.

"We're working closely with the cotton farmer as well as the cotton consultants in trying to maximise the most optimum time for planting in this region, driven by the bayer planting window to maximise yield and quality,” Mr Brotherton said.

"Anything to do within the cotton industry.

"If it's developing new areas, working with potential new producers, working with cotton consultants to develop and extend and to grow the cotton industry within the Central Highlands.”

Mr Brotherton and the CSD's primary objective is to deliver locally adapted, high-yielding and high-quality cotton

varieties supported by strong extension activities to help growers extract the best value from these varieties.

"There's new varieties that the CSD are

developing at the moment with different pesticides

and in-fungicides,” Mr Brotherton said.

"We've got four mainstream varieties that we are using in the Central Highlands.

"As well as our commercial varieties in the trials, we've got them in different areas in the Central Highlands to obviously try to better the product with the CSD and improve yield and quality within the cotton i


With the cotton planting window fast approaching, Mr Brotherton hopes producers make sure everything is good to go.

"The window does open in August so the main thing is to at the beginning of the season make sure soil temperature is where we would like it for optimum planting conditions,” he said.

"This is an area (Central Highlands) that's probably untapped at the minute where the sky's the limit with those monsoonal conditions and perfect growing conditions for cotton.”