Speeding drivers in Victoria may get warning instead of fine

THE Queensland Government has absolutely no intention of following in the foot steps of the Victorian Government who will issue a first-time warning for motorists caught speeding.

Victoria police this week have rewritten its rules to alert thousands of motorists they are eligible to apply for official warnings.

Under the new policy, motorists caught doing between 10 and 14km/h over the limit can be warned instead of fined if they have not been nabbed speeding in the previous three-years.

The policy previously said only those busted doing less than 10km/h over the limit, and who had not been fined in the previous two-years, were eligible to apply for an official warning to escape their fine.

Earlier this year, Queensland police lowered the tolerance for speeding across the state.

However, they have not revealed what the changes in speed tolerances were to avoid creating a defacto speed limit.

A spokeswoman for Police Minister Jack Dempsey said there was no current, or future, plan to adopt the same policy as the Victorian police.