HELPING HANDS: Stewart Clay, Heather Webb, Warrick Ryan and Pat Kooyman band together to deliver goods to drought-stricken farmers.
HELPING HANDS: Stewart Clay, Heather Webb, Warrick Ryan and Pat Kooyman band together to deliver goods to drought-stricken farmers. Contributed

CQ country town unites for a generous road delivery

AFTER a rather generous donation of hay, Springsure man Warrick Ryan, along with the rest of the community, decided to do a hay run to bring a bit of hope to some of our region's drought-stricken farmers.

Mr Ryan, who runs Ryan Grain Services, said a road train of hay had been donated by a local farmer to help other farmers in the region who were suffering from the drought.

Springsure Lions Club members also got on board with the initiative, covering the cost of fuel for the run and organising food donations from the community.

Included was a generous donation of $2000 worth of goods from Glencore Open Cut Rolleston Coal.

An extra truck (donated by Webb Tree Services) has been lined up to take out the food.

Mr Ryan said the whole community had jumped on board to lend a helping hand.

"It's a whole community effort - it's not just us," he said. "The whole community has come on board with food and other farmers have donated fuel. I think there is a couple of thousand litres of diesel.

"People have really gotten behind it and supported this."

He said the community support had been "spot on".

"If there is a need the people around here step up and help," he said.

"This drought is biting pretty hard and people are really suffering.

"A road train full of hay isn't going to fix everything for them but at least it says we care and are trying to help."

He urges other towns to get on board and do something of a similar nature.

"It is getting hard to source hay but there are other ways they can help, whether it is donating food parcels or even buying someone some bags of dog biscuits," he said.

"There are plenty of charities out there that are doing a lot of good work.

"I think the main thing for people to do is buy Australian and keep it local. That's how people can help."

Mr Ryan heads out this morning to deliver the two road trains - one full of hay and another full of food - to two families past Jericho.

Lions Club member gets her community on board

AFTER speaking with Warrick Ryan, Springsure Lions Club member Heather Webb couldn't stand by and do nothing.

She decided that to be delivered with the hay would be a road train full of food for the families.

"Warrick was telling me the plight of these poor people and they don't have anything left, so I thought maybe we could get some food," she said.

"We started asking local businesses to put signs in their shops and bins where people can drop food in.

"A Lions Club member set it up on Facebook and another rang up Springsure State School and got the pupils involved.

"We only had five days to get it all together."

Ms Webb said everyone in the community had shown great generosity.

"Springsure is a generous little town that really comes to the aid of anyone in trouble," she said.

"When people are in that much strife you have to do something. I couldn't go home and not do something because the drought is getting to everybody. I thought this is a way where everyone can donate.

"Everyone is giving a little and it has added up to a lot.

"It's lifted the spirit of the town and made everyone unite in this little project to feed these families.

"Whenever anyone is in need or in trouble, Springsure steps up, they have every time."

Ms Webb urged other communities to do something for families stricken by drought.

"Other towns should do this; if Springsure can do two families then Emerald could probably do two or three," she said.

"Get a group of friends together and before you know it you've got the donations rolling in and you find that people will step up, the truck will turn up, the hay will turn up, people will put the diesel in. If all the other towns start doing this we might have a few people left on the land by the time the drought is over."