Luke and Poppy are no longer together.
Luke and Poppy are no longer together.

Star claims ‘heavy’ incident took place

A Married At First Sight contestant has confirmed there was an incident off camera between Poppy and Luke on the reality show.

Poppy walked out on the experiment in an episode that aired earlier this week with the show saying she was leaving because she missed her two children.

However Poppy took to Facebook yesterday and suggested, without going into detail, that it was actually something that happened behind the scenes between her and Luke that made her quit.

Luke and Poppy on their wedding day.
Luke and Poppy on their wedding day.

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This morning Connie, who was matched with Jonethen on the reality show, appeared on KIIS FM's Kyle and Jackie O and was asked about the rumours of an incident between Poppy and Luke.

"It's a touchy one this one," Connie told the radio hosts. "I just don't feel comfortable really giving too much of my opinion on this matter. It is big, and it's something that Poppy and Luke need to deal with themselves.

"It's heavy," Connie added.

Interestingly, Connie later appeared on a different radio program and was asked if she was "Team Luke" or "Team Poppy".

"Within my experience of knowing them in the experiment, I'm Team Luke," Connie said on Hit FM's Get Up with Krysti and Bodge. "He is a good guy."

Connie was matched with Jonethen.
Connie was matched with Jonethen.

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A woman claiming to be one of Poppy's best friends also weighed in on the controversy surrounding Poppy's exit from the reality show.

'Susie' rang into KIIS FM and claimed Poppy was currently seeking legal advice about what she is allowed to say about the incident.

"(Poppy) needs to have an understanding of what she can and can't say," said Susie, who claims to have known Poppy since she was three years old.

Susie revealed to Kyle and Jackie O exactly what Poppy alleges happened between her and Luke, but cannot repeat those claims for legal reasons.

Susie said Poppy told MAFS producers about the incident/incidents and claimed that she was told not to repeat them.

"She has been told by producers that she can't come forward because of what has gone on, and how controversial it is to the show," Susie said on radio.

"They've (MAFS) made her out like she's left him for no reason, and she just doesn't like him and misses her kids, this is not correct at all."

Luke being told Poppy had quit the show.
Luke being told Poppy had quit the show.

Susie said that Poppy "has not been well since she left the show" and claimed the reality contestant is having night tremors.

"She's so upset about how everything went down and that she can't be herself, it has affected her," Poppy's friend said.

Yesterday Poppy spoke to The Daily Telegraph about her TV husband, Luke, and said: "There was something about him that creeped me out, something in my gut made me feel something was off."

Poppy also told The Daily Telegraph that she was filmed explaining why she really wanted to leave but that MAFS producers chose not to air it.

"I said I wanted to leave, that he creeps me out and they filmed it," Poppy said. "I begged them to air it as my exit scene but they didn't.

"They make him out to be a hero and me a miserable whinger because I wasn't allowed to express myself. I was assured I'd get a good edit if I dropped it."

In response to Poppy's comments, Luke told The Daily Telegraph: "I am not going to make any comments because honestly, the best way to react is not to react."



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