Star spills on exclusive celeb dating app


IT'S the most exclusive and coveted dating app on offer, packed full of single celebrities looking for love - and its users are sworn to secrecy.

Raya is the dating app for the rich and famous - and is notoriously difficult to become a part of.

Thankfully for all of us who'll never be invited to join, Playing for Keeps star Olympia Valance bent the rules and offered up a few details about it during an interview with Nova's Fitzy and Wippa show this morning.


Valance at the 2018 Logie Awards. Picture: AAP Image/Regi Varghese
Valance at the 2018 Logie Awards. Picture: AAP Image/Regi Varghese

Asked about how she'd first met her boyfriend, Essendon player Thomas Bellchambers, the actress squirmed a little before reluctantly revealing the truth.

"I can't believe no one has asked me this question in any interview, ever. Do I lie?" Valance, 26, replied.

"We met on a dating app … It's this app for people that are, like, in the public eye, called Raya."


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The former Neighbours star went on to explain that after matching up earlier this year, she and Bellchambers, 30, had realised they were practically neighbours and arranged to get a wine - and "haven't been apart for a day since".

The couple now live together in Melbourne.


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"Can I ask you this, did you run into anyone else on the app that we would know?" Fitzy asked her.

"Oh my God, so many people … There were some really big stars," Valance responded cryptically.

While she refused to reveal any of their identities ("I can't!"), she did offer up one big clue - that a very famous "race car driver" was on there.

"Lewis Hamilton!" co-host Sarah McGilvray guessed immediately, prompting a telling silence from Valance.

Anyone hoping to join Raya reportedly needs to meet an extensive list of requirements. They need an invitation from a friend who is an existing member, a creative job, an impressive Instagram following and approval by an actual committee.

It's understood only 8 per cent of the hundreds of thousands who apply are successful - but once they've made it through, if they reveal the identities of anyone else using the app, it's grounds for instant removal.

Matthew Perry, Demi Lovato, Cara Delevingne, Zach Braff, Ruby Rose and Amy Schumer are among the celebrities who are rumoured to have had accounts at some point.

While she was cagey about details, Valance did confirm the process for approval on the app had been exhausting - and "very annoying".