ULMARRA residents have had a gutful of the deliberate, heavy compression braking and blasting airhorns in the middle of the night by a small number of rogue truck drivers.

"Our village started a campaign a few months ago to encourage all drivers (car, truck and motorbike) to slow down as there is a sharp, dangerous bend on the Pacific Highway in our village which seems to claim a vehicle accident every few months," a concerned resident told NSW Police.

"For some reason a small number of truck drivers took this message to mean that trucks were being singled out. This was never the case.

"As a consequence, most nights between about 11pm and 6am our village is subjected to very heavy compression braking, acceleration and then braking along with air horns being blasted right through our village."

The unnamed resident said many were at their "wits end" and "were going to start taking matters into their own hands".

"This small number of rogue drivers are giving all truck drivers a bad reputation. Air brakes, compression braking and air horns are not acceptable in areas where families are trying to sleep and feel safe," the resident said.

A map of where the rogue trucks are disturbing residents in Ulmarra in NSW.
A map of where the rogue trucks are disturbing residents in Ulmarra in NSW.

New South Wales Police Force Traffic and Highway Patrol chief inspector Philip Brooks said this behaviour was to "stop today".

He said he would ask Roads and Maritime Safety to consider registration and licence suspension given the "community safety risk" the behaviour posed on the roads.

"Whatever the original issues were that started this, now is the time to finish it," he said.

The Australian Trucking Association slammed the behaviour of this group of truck drivers who "are making us all look bad".

"This kind of stupidity tarnishes the reputation of our industry and everyone who tries to do the right thing," a statement posted to Facebook read.