Artwork will soon decorate 10 stormwater drains around Mackay.
Artwork will soon decorate 10 stormwater drains around Mackay.

Stormwater drains undergo artistic transformation

ARTWORKS will decorate 10 key stormwater drains in our region thanks to a Regional Arts Development Fund Green Arts grant approved by council.

The $7649 grant was one of 10 RADF grants approved at the ordinary meeting of council to the value of $59,088.

RADF Committee chair Cr Fran Mann said the stormwater drain artwork was a fun and engaging way to remind residents that what goes into our drains will eventually enter our waterways.

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"Reef Catchments will use the funding to employ a local artist to create beautiful artworks that will increase regional liveability and hopefully inspire the Mackay public to pay particular attention to the way they dispose of their rubbish," Cr Mann said.

Also funded to the value of $3000 was a Deadly Weavers workshop aimed at sharing traditional ancient Aboriginal weaving techniques with local textile artists.

Cr Mann said the RADF Committee was pleased to see an application exploring the arts practice of film making.

"Celese Heward received $7217 for the concept development of a documentary film exploring the rise in suicide, bullying, substance abuse and the decline in mental health in the modern era," she said.

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