There's no place in Australia for newcomers who want to drain the public purse -- we have enough of those in Parliament.
There's no place in Australia for newcomers who want to drain the public purse -- we have enough of those in Parliament.

STRANGE POLITICS: George and Cory plan to set us all right

WE'RE only days into the new year and already the nation's greatest minds have been invited to talk about their feelings while doe-eyed fans stare upon them - with their wallets weighing $150 less than before.

Yes, next month our favourite angry men George Christensen and Cory Bernardi will headline a dinner supporting anti-Islam group Q Society of Australia. I know, it would be a perfect name for a gay marriage group.

Q Society is raising cash for its leader who is trying to fight off a defamation suit after saying things about a guy who heads a halal certification group.

Can you imagine what an anti-Islam advocate said about someone involved with halal?

That about covers it.

Both George and Cory know defamation law pretty well. Cory successfully took on the left-leaning Saturday Paper after it made claims about his business dealings.

George meanwhile avoided it all together when he used parliamentary privilege to call someone a "pedophilia advocate" while ranting about the Safe Schools program.

Given the audience, the pair will probably treat billions of people from all over the world as though they are a single person - despite their variety of experiences, cultures and worldviews. And that single person is a dangerous extremist, of course.

It's lucky that Cory and George's religion - Christianity - has never come under scrutiny for its despicable and horrifying misdeeds such as the widespread abuse of children spanning decades and prompting a three-year royal commission because each would surely be horrified to be tarred with the same brush.

The speaking gig for the pair comes at an interesting time, given fellow conservative firebrand Peter Dutton has flagged changes to Australia's citizenship process.

Ol' Dutts wants to dump the trivia nonsense of the citizenship test and focus more on values.

Here at Strange Politics, we think that's a grand idea.

Who among us gives a damn about the role of the Governor-General or how a bill becomes law in Parliament? Nobody.

We want the world's best people - we want them to be great and we want them to be good.

Dutton says it's time to focus on values. Real Aussie values I bet.

We want to weed out the extremist right-wing boneheads and the most left-leaning lunatics.

And we definitely don't want fanatics here trying to push their way of life onto others.

We'll keep the question about Australia being a secular country.

We are not a nation where an ancient religion has any place in governing the way we live.

We want to know people are hardworking, that they won't sit on the fringes with their fervent views while drawing money from the government purse for a decade.

God knows we have enough of them with Cory and George.


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