COMIN’ HOME: Finn Smith gets ready to leave hospital in Brisbane, before heading home with his parents.
COMIN’ HOME: Finn Smith gets ready to leave hospital in Brisbane, before heading home with his parents. Contributed

Super Finn comes home today

AFTER more than two months in hospital the Sunshine Coast's very own superhero, Finn Smith, is coming home.

The Pacific Paradise toddler had the final bandages covering his amputations removed yesterday.

His mum and dad, Jason and Sarah, have been given the all clear to leave the Royal Brisbane Children's Hospital some time this morning.

It will be a difficult and emotional journey as the Smiths pack up the mounds of gifts sent from the Coast to their brave youngster.

"Jason has already taken a car load home and we will still have another car load to take," Mrs Smith said..

The journey home will include a stop off at Redcliffe Hospital, where Finn's nightmare first unfolded.

Mrs Smith noticed tiny spots appearing on her sick toddler while stopping off at Redcliffe on a day trip to Brisbane on November 22.

They took him to the Redcliffe Hospital and he was diagnosed with bacterial meningococcal and was rushed to the Royal Brisbane Children's Hospital.

He has been there ever since.

"We are dropping into Redcliffe Emergency to say thank you for saving him," Mrs Smith said.

Finn faced a life and death battle as the deadly disease raged through his tiny body, bringing blood tears to his eyes and ultimately causing septicaemia in his arms and legs.

Doctors had no choice but to amputate his right hand and below the left knee on Boxing Day.

He also lost parts of his left hand and his right foot.

But when the final bandages were removed on his left hand yesterday, Mrs Smith was relieved to see they managed to save most of his thumb and some fingers.

A phone call from a mum in the United Kingdom, whose daughter had the same illness four years ago, has brought the reality home of what they face.

"She told us we couldn't have started (fundraising) soon enough," an emotional Mrs Smith said. "Just like any other child, he will want to be able to run and jump and play.

"As an adult, he deserves to be able to drive and when he goes to university - everything will have to be modified for him.

"He can't just buy a car and it will come out of our pocket.

"Their daughter also struggled for 18 months with the basic limbs she received from the hospital, they paid a lot of money to get her ones she has been able to walk on."

This is where the money generously donated by the Coast will go towards.

The family also face the struggle of getting a loan and finding a builder to build a home that will suit Finn's needs.

Mrs Smith has quit her job in a pathology lab to be a full-time carer for her son.

It also won't be easy without the safety net of the professional staff at the hospital and the new friends they have made.

This includes Jason Bowden and Carolyn Cox, whose daughter, Jameela, is still recovering in the Royal Brisbane after a car crash.

Finn will be returning to Brisbane in six to eight weeks to have a cast made for his legs. "We have a very long road ahead. But it will be good to get home," Mrs Smith said.



Fundraising events for Finn Smith continue to be organised across the Coast

To see the latest events, visit the Facebook page Little Finn Smith Fundraiser

Donations can be made to: Sarah and Jason Smith Suncorp Bank BSB: 484799A/c: 507005873