TAFE to target higher level skills

A PARLIAMENTARY committee has been told TAFE Queensland will continue to deliver state-wide priorities along with individual priorities for communities across the state.

However, communities will ultimately determine what courses will be offered to cater for local needs and demands, especially surrounding specific training.

TAFE Queensland executive director Robert Petherbridge told the Education and Innovation Committee on Wednesday there had been significant growth in a number of courses.

"Broadly speaking we expect to see significant growth in health care, aged care and children services," he said.

"As well as the traditional grounds for further education in the trades.

"With fluctuations aligned to economic cycles we continue to perform very well in terms of the delivery of trade training."

Mr Petherbridge said TAFE Queensland had a very clear vision moving forward surrounding needs and demands in training.

"There is, in TAFE Queensland's view, a priority for higher level skills and investment in higher level skills," he said.

"The higher level skills we are talking about are more applied skills and research skills which are the remit of the traditional university sector.

"From TAFE Queensland's perspective we are looking to expand into those higher level skill areas because we believe that is going to be what will be most valued and most needed from employers and emerging industries as well as from an individual and student perspective.

"Students will be seeking out those sorts of qualifications.

"In the longer term that is where our policy direction is taking us, but immediately we will continue to deliver on both the government funded priorities and the priorities in local areas where there are demand for them."

The committee was told students from 90 different counties studied at TAFE Queensland due to world-class training and courses on offer.