NEW START: TerryWhite Chemmart Emerald team excited about their new business venture.
NEW START: TerryWhite Chemmart Emerald team excited about their new business venture. Kristen Booth

Taking on new venture

LOCAL pharmacy Mayfair Discount Chemist has relocated after years of operation at the Mayfair shops.

This week, the local chemist opened under a new banner at the Emerald GP Superclinic, and is now operating as Terrywhite Chemmart Emerald.

After two years in the pipeline, the pharmacy will remain under the same ownership, offering the same level of care, service and staff customers expect.

Owner of Terrywhite Chemmart Emerald Robyn Daniels said the entire team was excited to open on Monday and take on the new venture.

"On the weekend we had employees coming in to help just because they wanted to be involved,” Ms Daniels said.

"Moving is always hectic. It was busy but it was great.

"The staff have just been fantastic, they have been phenomenal - they're excited, they're enthusiastic.

"They seem to be really excited about the change too.

"We still own the pharmacy but we have just become part of the Terrywhite Chemmart Group. I'm happy with the decision I have made.”

Co-owned with her daughter, Lauren Thomasson, Ms Daniels said it was a huge relief to know they had finally reached the stage the team had been working towards for years.

The move allowed the business to co-locate with the Emerald Superclinic, which is being transformed into a medical hub, allowing the convenience of a pharmacy right next door.

A pharmacist in Emerald for more than 30 years, Ms Daniels said she was thankful the community had taken the move so positively, and said customers would benefit from the venture.

"I have a lot of loyal customers who have all been supportive of the move,” she said.

"It is going to be a great assistance to those who are out here at the medical centre, the convenience factor is going to be a huge benefit.

"It's just like a one-stop health precinct and that's the good vibe that we're getting.”

Overwhelmed with the support received throughout the entire process, Ms Daniels said she was thankful to the community, and Central Highland Health Board for the help they had given.