Jem Jaggar was sentenced to five years’ jail for two violent and unprovoked attacks.
Jem Jaggar was sentenced to five years’ jail for two violent and unprovoked attacks.

Taxi driver bashed by passenger in ‘unprovoked attack’

A BELLIGERENT 22-year-old who bashed a taxi driver had once also hit a bus driver while trying to evade a fare, a court has heard.

Jem Douglas Robertso Jaggar faced Brisbane District Court on Thursday where he was sentenced to five years' jail for the vicious assault and for another unprovoked attack on a man who had been blind for 16 years.

Jailed for crushing cop's legs

The court heard that Jaggar - who plans to live in Bundaberg when he is released - hailed a cab in Fortitude Valley with two friends in May 2018.

They asked the cab driver to drop them in East Brisbane, but as the driver slowed near their destination Jaggar began punching him in the head yelling "Give me money" repeatedly.

Jaggar's friend filmed the assault before the trio fled. The friend was later sentenced to two years' jail with immediate parole for his role in the attack.

Three months later, in a separate incident, Jaggar turned on a 30-year-old man who lived below him in a converted garage at Lutwyche.

The man, who had been legally blind for 16 years until surgery corrected his sight, was sitting on his couch when Jaggar broke into his home and attacked him.

"The defendant repeatedly punched the complainant in the head ... saying things like 'Don't say s--- about me behind my back'," prosecutor Jennifer O'Brien said.

"The defendant told the complainant to shut up or he'd keep going."

Jaggar then stole his PlayStation.

The victim was taken to the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital and underwent multiple surgeries on his eyes that were bruised and blurry after the attack.

Both victims have since suffered anxiety in the aftermath of the assaults, the court heard.

The court was also told that Jaggar, who pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm, attempted robbery, stealing and other charges, had a history of violence.

In September 2016, he struck a bus driver on the chin after he asked Jaggar to get off the bus because he was trying to evade paying.

Defence barrister Malcolm Harrison told the court that Jaggar was still young and had a troublesome relationship with marijuana and ice.

Judge Ken Barlow took on board that it was Jaggar's first stint in jail and that there was a "real prospect" he would learn from it.

"The important thing … for you Mr Jaggar is to stay off the drugs, because it seems drugs are certainly associated with your criminal adventures," he said.

Jaggar was sentenced to five years' jail and will be eligible for parole on April 15, 2020. - NewsRegional