A crazed fan snuck into Taylor Swift’s concert in San Diego.
A crazed fan snuck into Taylor Swift’s concert in San Diego. Bang Show Biz

Taylor Swift narrowly avoids being attacked on stage

TAYLOR Swift's security team got into a violent fight with a crazed fan on Saturday night.

Christian Ewing, 26, was arrested and charged after being taken down by four of the 'Blank Space' hitmaker's bodyguards after sneaking into her concert at Petco Park in San Diego, California and jumping up on stage alongside the star.

A source told gossip website TMZ.com that the Ewing charged towards the 25-year-old beauty while she was performing 'Style' and attempted to fight off her security in a bid to get closer to her.

Although he was eventually dragged away, one member of Taylor's team suffered a broken rib during the incident.

Ewing has been charged for felony and misdemeanour battery, as well as obstruction, and his bail has been set at $35,000.

The 'Bad Blood' hitmaker was forced to secure restraining orders against a number of stalkers in the past.

Timothy Sweet, 33, was ordered to stay away from her and her parents, Andrea and Scott, for three years in March 2014 after he sent her dozens of emails, letters and social media posts declaring his love for her.

He also allegedly threatened to "kill any man," including US Secretary of State John Kerry, who came between him and Taylor, as he believed he and the singer were married.